US health IT systems specialist InterSystems has announced the international launch of its new business intelligence (BI) product, DeepSee.

The DeepSee product, which is embedded into InterSystems and partners software, is designed to deliver real-time BI for operational business processes, using current transactional data.

InterSystems says the embedded BI approach avoids the need for separate data warehouses and enables customers to gain benefits without having to undertake separate projects with costs running into hundreds of thousands of pounds.

InterSystems has already integrated DeepSee into its TrakHealth clinical software and are working with a number of UK health customers and partners. Among the health software partners named in the launch materials are Sunquest and Quadramed.

InterSystems says its new BI product and approach will help its partners and customers, including those in healthcare, move beyond automating processes to providing them with the real-time intelligence needed to improve processes and efficiency.

Speaking at a UK InterSystems partner event on September 9, Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of strategic planning said, automation has become a commodity business. “The focus now is on performance management. How do I focus on the things I have to make my business work better.”

He told InterSystems partners and customers that BI was bcecoming fiercely contsted. “Oracle, SAP amd IBM have all made big acquisitions this area. The move by SAP had been the most surprising as they had been quite vocal about not jumping in [SAP acquired Business Objects for £3.76 billion (€4.8 billion) in 2007].”

Grabschied said that InterSystems had decided the best approach was to build BI into its systems. “The idea of embedded BI is that it’s built into the application.” This means that data can remain in the core applications and existing data models used.

InterSystems says DeepSee aims will provide usable BI to decision makers at different levels of organisations to make more effective decisions and management. The focus of embedded real-time BI is delivery of business intelligence capabilities directly within transactional applications.

DeepSee is the newest offering in the InterSystems product line. It joins an existing product family that includes the InterSystems Cache object database, HealthShare platform for regional and national electronic health records, and Ensemble rapid integration platform.

According to InterSystems, DeepSee offers a cost-effective alternative current BI products, typically based on massive data warehouses where information is stored offline.

InterSystems says DeepSee avoids the problems of BI being separated from the operational applications that run the business. "As a result, BI has been among the most over-promised and under-delivered of all IT solutions for decades. The failures and shortfalls are legendary," says Paul Grabscheid, InterSystems vice president of strategic planning.

"The hallmark of real-time BI applications is that they answer the question ‘what should I do differently right now?," Grabscheid said.