Nuance Communications has successfully integrated its SpeechMagic technology into GE Healthcare Centricity Radiology Information System (RIS).

The development is said to be the first RIS integration with a Citrix ready speech recognition for the European Middle East and Africa region.

According to Nuance community hospitals, out-patient imaging centres and integrated delivery networks can now implement a digital radiology reporting workflow independent of their type of network architecture and client hardware.

“When making SpeechMagic Citrix-ready, we focused on high compression rates that ensure a minimum latency time between the recording of a dictation, its recognition on the central server and the return of the recognized text to the user’s screen,” said Marcel Wassink, vice president of SpeechMagic Solutions at Nuance.

He added: “SpeechMagic will give Citrix-based Centricity RIS users secure and fast access to full-scale healthcare speech recognition – even from their Citrix terminals at home.”

According to Nuance, more than half of all radiologists in Western Europe are working with SpeechMagic. In some countries, such as Spain, Italy, the UK, France or Norway, this is being done across large-scale regional networks.

Juergen Reyinger, vice president and general manager at GE Healthcare IT, said: “As speech recognition has established itself as the standard tool for radiology reporting, the integration of ‘Citrix ready’ SpeechMagic technology, together with our RIS, is a key component in delivering our users’ requirements.”

First implementations of Centricity RIS with Speech Magic and Citrix are currently taking place in Ireland and Denmark. Centricity RIS 4.2 powered by SpeechMagic is available immediately in Europe, the Middle East, South America and English-speaking countries in Asia.

In October, Nuance acquired Philips Speech Recognition Systems, the leader in the European speech recognition solutions healthcare market for €66m ($96.1m).