Global standards and assessment body, BSI, has acquired German healthcare and testing company, Eurocat.

Eurocat is accredited by all relevant bodies for the certification of medical devices, in-vitro diagnostics and active implantable devices.

The medical devices standards body company already has a significant presence in Germany, the third largest medical devices market in the world, as well as a growing customer base in Russia and Turkey.

The acquisition will help to strengthen BSI’s existing business and improve its market presence within the European Union.

Howard Kerr, chief executive officer of the BSI Group, said: “BSI is the leading notified body for medical devices in the UK and the US, so the take-over of Eurocat is highly complementary. The acquisition opens up a wide range of exciting possibilities and establishes BSI as a key strategic partner for medical device and healthcare businesses in Europe and the US.”

Joining forces with BSI, will also extend Eurocat’s reach by offering market access for medical devices in Canada, the US, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

As part of the deal, Eurocat founder, Werner Kexel, who has more than 20 years experience in the medical devices industry, will join the BSI management team.