The latest Digital Health Unplugged is now live, this time taking a look at the digital testbed programme in Cornwall.

The programme originally began in primary care through Kernow Health CIC and is now expanding into secondary care through Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust. It provides a space for companies wishing to further develop their innovation with the aim of accessing the NHS.

Joining host and senior reporter, Andrea Downey, is Gary Jennings, commercial director of Kernow Health CIC, and Ian Nicholls, eHealth transformation manager at Royal Cornwall Hospitals.

Tune in to hear how the testbed programme has fostered innovation in the area and provided a space for innovators to grow their products to benefit the NHS through saving time, money and improving patient outcomes.

Interested in starting a testbed programme within your organisation? Jennings and Nicholls share their words of wisdom for launching a successful testbed and how it could benefit the wider NHS if programmes like this are set up elsewhere.

Companies looking for more information on how to get involved with the programme can visit the enquiry page here.

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