IMS MAXIMS has announced the installation of a system to enable sharing of mental health data across a number of sites in Cornwall in order to support the National Service Framework.

The system, installed in November, covers 300 NHS trust staff is planned to be extended to over 1000 users in the New Year. It features an electronic care record that merges the information about care and services into one server, so that both health and social care professionals can share data and care plans.

Brian Ennis, chief executive of IMS MAXIMS, said: “We are very please with the level of success achieved in Cornwall. MAXIMS Mental Health provides a major operational milestone in true pan-community record sharing. The National Service Framework states categorically that care planning and the provision and review of a comprehensive package of services should be a ‘multi-agency endeavour’."

IMS has similar systems to support the NSF for mental health installed in Calderdale & Huddersfield.