The French region of Franche-Comté is to receive an expanded interoperability platform based on their Personal Medical File (DMP-fc) system, supplied by Israeli-firm dbMotion.

dbMotion’s interoperability platform is a complete package that creates an integrated Virtual Patient Record, based on information contained in existing healthcare IT systems such as: electronic medical records, laboratory and imaging systems, hospital management and patient administration systems.

It will extend on the current DMP-fc and interoperability platform, provided by EMOSIST-fc, which has been in operation since 2002.

Ronen Avron, VP of international sales at dbMotion, said: “France represents a strategic market for us, and we are investing here for the long term. dbMotion Solution is perfectly suited for supporting regional platforms for health information exchange as well as hospital interoperability and specialized healthcare networks, and we are very proud to partner with the Franche-Comté.”

To carry out this project, two French partners SQLi and IBM France will support dbMotion.

SQLi, which conceived and deployed the existing DMP-fc platform in Franche-Comté, based extensively on the IHE-XDS standard, will provide part of the customised development required for the extension of the platform.

IBM will offer solutions and services for connecting to existing applications with the deployment of its WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus product.

Agnès Lépine-Lozach, director of healthcare and social services at IBM France, said: “dbMotion brings a powerful solution for medical information sharing that complements perfectly the IBM middleware and service offering for data integration and the interoperability of healthcare IT systems.”

The project was initiated last month with negotiations still ongoing as to when deployment will begin.

Hervé Barge, CIO of the Franche-Comté region said: “dbMotion shares our vision of a practical and evolutionary shared medical record (DMP). The experience acquired from the Israeli ’DMP’ as well as its North American experience will, together with our own vision and experience, give the Franche-Comté project an international aspect and will also help answer the challenges that France now faces in terms of modernizing its hospital IT systems.”

Bruno Grossin, CEO of EMOSIST-fc, added: “We have chosen to extend our regional platform with a component that facilitates the medical information exchange between our members and the DMP-fc by selecting the offering presented by dbMotion and its partners.

“We chose this solution because it is a commercial medical information integration software package based on healthcare standards that has proven itself in complex medical information integration implementations.”



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