Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust has deployed single sign-on software from Evidian to simplify access to key applications. The software enables clinicians to use all the trust’s web-based services with a single user log-in and password. 

The trust’s head of IM&T, Tunde Ishola, said: “Previously, staff had to remember up to 15 unique sets of log-in details for the healthcare applications they were using. This not only placed a burden on the trust’s IT support, but also wasted valuable clinician time.

“By simplifying access to essential applications within the Care Records System, staff need only log-in once to carry out essential daily activities.”

The Evidian system allows users to reset their passwords themselves by going through a series of security questions, further reducing the burden on the trust’s IT support staff.

Evidian says there has already been a significant reduction in the number of calls received by IT and the trust has been able to reduce first-line IT support by 20%, enabling resources to be deployed more effectively elsewhere.

The number of abandoned calls has also been reduced, helping IT to meet targets on call response rates. The trust now plans to extend the solution to all community based staff, and to support home workers and managers working remotely from mobile devices.

The Evidian system works on the trust’s existing Active Directory and required no additional installations.

It combines multi-factor authentication with a plug-and-play SSO system, replacing user passwords with digital signatures based on certificates, smart cards, USB keys or biometrics. Access is authorised according to existing security policies and enterprise directories.