A former associate chief clinical information officer (CCIO) for NHS England has been appointed a non-executive director of Health Education England (HEE).

Dr Harpreet Sood, previously an associate non-executive director of HEE, will provide independent advice, support and scrutiny and will work with senior HEE officials on key policy decisions.

Dr Sood, a GP and co-founder of the NHS Digital Academy, brings expertise in digital health solutions as well as a wealth of experience at the interface of health care and digital technology.

As the associate CCIO for NHS England, he was involved in developing and implementing NHS England’s digital health and data strategy.

“I am delighted to become a non-executive director with HEE at this inflection point for the NHS,” Dr Sood said.

“Particularly given that digital technology is of such importance to the workforce and can provide real opportunities to make a difference and enhance patients’ lives.”

Sir David Behan, chair HEE, added: “Harpreet has recent experience of training in addition to substantial experience of national and international health care policy, and a demonstrable history of working on the front line with patients.

“This experience and his knowledge of digital technology brings added value to the HEE Board.”

Dr Sood has led on national strategies and reviews within the NHS and collaborated with organisations internationally, including in the USA and Asia.

He is a visiting senior fellow at London School of Economics, is on the advisory committee for Health Informatics at the World Economic Forum, and a founding fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

Dr Sood took part in an episode of Digital Health Unplugged in April, looking at using digital tools to manage pressures on the NHS, including the importance of electronic patient records and upskilling the workforce.