The latest Digital Health Unplugged is now live – this time we take a look at the NHSX programme ‘What good looks like’.

The programme aims to empower NHS leaders to do everything they can to implement good digital practice across health and care. But what does good actually look like?

Joining us on the podcast to discuss what is needed for the programme to be work were some of our Digital Health Networks members:

  • Jonathan Kay, chair of Faculty of Clinical Informatics, member of our CCIO Advisory Panel
  • David Hancock, Healthcare Executive Advisor at InterSystems
  • Marcus Baw, GP and member of our CCIO Advisory Panel
  • Hannah Crouch, editor of Digital Health

The ‘What good looks like’ programme is aiming to create a model for digital maturity within the NHS. Providers and systems will be assessed against this model which is also aiming to generate some insights into where digital is being done well.

Our experts take a look at whether this should be driven locally or nationally, how NHSX can support organisations to become digitally mature and where the focus needs to be. We also take a look at the role suppliers have to play in accelerating digital across the NHS.

The Faculty of Clinical Informatics runs a number of programmes aimed at supporting clinical informaticians, preparing a digitally ready workforce and guiding the implementation of health information systems – you can find out more on their website here.

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