Cyber security

Cyber security is fast emerging as a strategic issue, critical to the safe delivery of care and public confidence. As health services digitise they become ever more reliant on securing networks, software and data from internal and external threats. Digital Health's cyber security hub will covers topics from physical security to information governance.

Update: Trojan malware blamed for Barts cyber-attack

The biggest NHS trust in the country says Trojan malware was behind a major cyber-attack on Friday.


Barts Health NHS Trust hit with

England's biggest hospital trust has confirmed it is urgently investigating a "IT attack" that has infected its system.


Big trust overhauls info strategy to meet cyber threat

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust says cyber-attacks is the biggest digital threat.


Exclusive: Health data breaches on the rise

Since April 2015, UK health providers have reported more than 1300 “data security incidents”, including hundreds of cyber-attacks.


The 12 Insecure Days of Christmas

Digital Health’s cyber security columnist, Davey Winder, undertakes a musical review of some of the hack attacks that were made on the NHS in 2016, and the measures taken to try and stop them.


NHSmail account launches phishing attack

A NHSmail account has been hijacked and used to launch a phishing attack to extract sensitive details from other NHS staff.



Aggressive ransomware blamed for NHS cyber-attack

The Globe2 ransomware virus has been singled out as the culprit in the cyber-attack that took down a northern NHS trust's systems for four days.


Northern Lincolnshire cyber-attack likely ransomware

The attack, which knocked out the northern trust's IT systems for four days, described as a type of malware that encrypted data.


Davey Winder: ransomware, it's over here

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust has made headlines for all the wrong reasons, after succumbing to what is probably a ransomware attack. Davey Winder says this should be wake-up call for trusts.


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