Neil Paul wonders if his surgery needs an Amazon locker-style service for late-running patients, or a better electronic prescription service. A locker, says his head receptionist.

8 October 2015


Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust was an early pioneer of IT; is now a leading Cerner site; and has just put itself in the ‘vanguard’ of testing new models of care, supported by technology. Thomas Meek paid it a visit.

1 October 2015

Thomas Meek visits a GP surgery in Romford that is trying out AskMyGP; an online access service that is trying to prevent unnecessary appointments; an idea right in line with local ‘vanguard’ work.

24 September 2015


GP Neil Paul reckons he could offer a cheaper, better testing service to patients. If only NHS funding flows didn’t get in the way.

22 September 2015


Clinical commissioning groups were unexpectedly given responsibility for leading the NHS’ digital ambitions at the NHS Expo. Rebecca McBeth considers the implications.

17 September 2015

NHS Hack Days puts people with problems and people with IT skills together in a room. But what is the lasting impact? Thomas Meek finds out ahead of the next NHS Hack Day next weekend.

7 September 2015

Thomas Meek visits Birmingham’s Vitality Partnership to see how technology has made snaking queues of desperate patients a thing of the past.

3 September 2015


Glasgow’s new ‘super hospital’ is an impressive building with impressive IT. Reporter Thomas Meek went to take a look; and, of course, he started with the robot porters.

27 August 2015


Why do so many incumbent IT suppliers get overtaken in their markets? GP Neil Paul's been reading up on the subject, and reckons that some primary care suppliers should do the same.

25 August 2015


The EPR team at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has named their baby Elsa Penelope Rose. Two years on from her birth, Thomas Meek goes to see how she is developing.

19 August 2015


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