EHI’s industry round-up 30.04.10

  • 30 April 2010

This month’s EHI industry round-up focuses on launches, and features a new tool for integration with the NHS Spine, a new patient handover solution, a WinScribe iPhone app and an automated invoice checking solution from Sollis, among other stories.

Quicksilva launches integration tool for NHS Spine

Quicksilva has launched an integration tool that allows trusts to access the NHS Spine from their legacy systems. The OrQestra software establishes a connection with the Spine by creating a local database to hold patient data securely within the trust. The database then creates a link to the Spine in order for demographic information to be uploaded and downloaded. The software also allows acts upon updates received from the Spine.

SRC launches electronic patient handover solution

SRC has launched an electronic patient handover solution to simplify the handover of patient notes between junior doctors and nurses. The web based interface allows doctors and nurses to add further information and instructions and provides a customisable view of the patient summary, which includes admission data, alert icons, test results and urgent tasks. Based on BlueWire technology, the handover solution integrates with hospital’s current systems and is part of the company’s clinical information toolkit. It can also be extended to cover bed management and discharge planning activities.

Sollis announces automated invoice validation solution.

Sollis, a supplier of analytical and reporting solutions for the NHS, has launched its automated invoice validation solution: Clarity.AIV. Part of the Clarity suite of products, Clarity.AIV enables both primary care trusts and acute trusts to carry out data validation quickly and easily, saving the time and resources normally associated with the manual checking of the commissioning data sets (cds) that support trusts when invoicing and claiming for payment.The solution scans provider cds submissions records to establish whether records have failed, and produces clear, intuitive reports that can highlight indicative costs or savings. A simple traffic light system alerts users to the status of data challenges and the software can be deployed in both provider and commissioner settings.

WinScribe launches iPhone app

WinScribe has launched an application for the iPhone that give iPhone users access to its digital dictation workflow and document control systems. Users can capture voice files, send recordings to staff for transcription, and monitor the progress of jobs, while benefiting from additional features such as a range of language, font and transmission options, including encrypted transmission.

WinScribe launches DocuLink

WinScribe has launched DocuLink, a document management add-on to its digital dictation solution that it says is specifically tailored for the medical sector. DocuLink forms a secure, encrypted interface with existing hospital information systems to pick up patient and departmental records and automatically add relevant information as part of the digital dictation and transcription process. WinScribe says the benefits are improved accuracy and confidentiality, as well as faster document creation.

RIM recognises Portsmouth achievements

Research in Motion (RIM) has named Portsmouth Hospitals NHS Trust as one of the winners of its wireless leadership awards, which recognise customers that have developed innovative BlackBerry. Portsmouth won the ‘business impact’ award for a project that gave midwives BlackBerry smartphones and digital pens from DevelopIQ to fill in maternity booklets for pre and post-natal care. The scheme cut administration time from 98 minutes to 48 minutes.

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