Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust has bought  Allscripts’ CareInMotion dbMotion population health management platform, for the replacement of the Salford Integrated Record.

The dbMotion platform will be used to help integrate health and social care, as Salford works to become an NHS Vanguard accountable care organisation.

The trust, which is already an Allscripts customer for electronic patient records, will become the first UK customer of the CareinMotion tool, which spans predictive analytics, care co-ordination and patient engagement.

Rachel Dunscombe, chief information officer at Salford Royal told Digital Health News. “We’ve bought dbMotion to replace the Salford Integrated Record, so that we have more functionality and can then use the platform for our Vanguard ACO and social care integration.”

Dunscombe said organisations that will contribute to and use the shared record include: “Salford Royal, NHS Salford Clinical Commissioning Group, social care, which became integrated with us from 1 April, Greater Manchester West [Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust] and other mental health services, and eventually voluntary and third sector organisations.”

Dunscombe stressed that the choice of CareInMotion will enable clinicians to have access to blended data within their native systems, rather than needing to use a portal approach.

“’Personalised Health and Care 2020’ [the NHS IT framework issued in 2014] says you should have one log-in to your native system. The approach we’ve taken will enable us to integrate into a single relevant clinical context, providing data streams into native system. 

“This goes beyond context to enabling clinicians to make decisions about what data is flagged up and is a priority, so they see the additional data in their native systems.”

NHS England recently selected Salford Royal as one of 29 vanguard sites tasked with developing the new models of care outlined in the ‘Five Year Forward View’ plan to close a £30 billion gap between funding and demand by 2020-21.

In the first phase, during 2016, dbMotion will replace a Graphnet platform as the foundation for the Salford Integrated Record.

In phase two of the project the trust will aim to use the tool to develop a new integrated care model that meets the health and social care needs of the community.

Salford’s existing EPR will be connected to GP systems, to provide a comprehensive view of patient information. Future phases are expected to explore expanded connectivity to the region’s mental health and social care organisations.

Systems to be connected will start with Allscripts Sunrise EPR, INPS and Emis Helath GP systems, the local social care provider’s in-house system, and the Paris mental health system.

Salford will also use patient and population predictive risk analytics tools to develop new models of care.

“Initially will be aligning with the new care pathways we will be operating as an organisation,” said Dunscombe. “We will then move to introducing longer-term predictive analytics at the individual and population health level.”

Steven Brain, UK managing director of Allscripts, said: “we’re starting to see quite a lot of activity and interest on population health management from CCGs as new models of care start getting thought about.”

Allscripts bought Israeli company dbMotion in 2013. The shared record tool is now part of a wider suite of integration products called CareInMotion.