The digital health market could be set for a shake-up with the launch of the first electronic patient record (EPR) system in 20 years.

Nervecentre is due to launch its Next Generation EPR in London on 20 June.

According to Nervecentre, the new system gives hospital teams access to vital, real-time information at the patient’s bedside.

The company claims it is the first and only EPR in the UK to be built “from the ground up” to tackle demonstrable clinical needs and recognisable issues within NHS hospitals.

Paul Volkaerts, Nervecentre Software CEO and founder, said: “The biggest challenges facing acute trusts in today’s highly-pressurised NHS are around patient safety and flow.

“But yesterday’s tools do nothing to solve today’s problems. While patient care moves in real time, traditional EPRs do not – leaving trusts at risk of failing to recognise deteriorating patients or with poor operational visibility and suboptimal flow.

“In the age of digital consumerisation, patients need, deserve and indeed expect hospitals to harness technologies that help clinicians keep pace with the real-time dynamics of acute care.”

The company claims the solution will become the UK’s first truly mobile EPR.

Volkaerts said: “Mobile EPR isn’t a PC on wheels. It’s not even an iPad or a bulky tablet device that gets left in the office.

“A mobile EPR is with the clinician all the time – it’s in their pocket, ready to be used without intruding on, or breaking away from, the patient consultation.

“The tools of EPR must be part of the clinician’s uniform. Anything else leaves them – and the patient records they’re accessing – looking out-dated.”

In 2015, a piece of Nervecentre software designed to improve communications in hospitals received national support by NHS England to be rolled-out across the country.