A Digital Health Rewired Pitchfest finalist has launched its robotic clinical assistant application in the Microsoft Teams App Store.

Medxnote, who took part in the 2020 final of the Rewired Pitchfest, is a chatbot and clinical messaging tool which integrates with Microsoft Teams. The platform connects doctors and nurses to any clinical data at the point of care.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Medxnote created a software application for staff at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust which meant they could use Microsoft Teams on their mobile phones to quickly find out who has Covid-19 and who does not.

Medxnote is now available to download from the Microsoft Teams App store, which means staff at NHS trusts which use the assistant can have medical results delivered via Teams.

Niall Rafferty, Medxnote’s chief executive, said: “Launching Medxnote on the Microsoft Teams App Store is the culmination of three years of research with our GDE partners and now with the new Microsoft 365 NHS deal, this success can be easily replicated across the NHS. We’ve proven that robotic clinical assistants or ‘bots’ have an important role in optimising clinical workflow and increasing patient throughput and this is now more important given the Covid-19 patient backlog.”

Other bots which Medxnote has include image upload, pager and clinical trial recruitment.

The pager bot allows clinicians to send a message to any Teams channel and they can also start a one to one chat while the image upload bot uses an inbuilt secure camera in Microsoft Teams and allows clinicians to tag images to the patient’s record.

Microsoft Teams usage across the NHS has increased after it was announced at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic that all users of NHSmail in England and Scotland will be given access to Teams.

“Medxnote makes Microsoft Teams a clinical tool with game-changing optimisation of clinical workflow,” Rafferty added.