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Webinar: It’s just a whiteboard, isn’t it? – Webinar

  •  8 December 2017
     12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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    •  8 December 2017
       12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

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    When University Hospital Southampton decided to embark on a new ward based whiteboard project, they knew one of the factors to would include replacing the old handwritten boards with a new digital system. Not only would it display the information in a clear “at a glance” way, it would be tactile and user friendly, making the overall transition easier for all involved.

    The new boards would display surface information of patient flow systems, up to date status checks on orders, results, issues with transfer of care and offer information such as “available for transfer to another ward”. In doing so, it would remove issues with traditional whiteboards that involve handwriting multiple patient entries which translates to increased workload and risk of error.

    When the project was first proposed, sceptics asking why the project leads were wasting money putting TVs on walls. However, the product has been very well received by staff now realising what is possible. In the same way that the iPad created a platform first, then app developers came along to exploit it, we are finding this with new ideas around patient flow. Now, with up to date data, it transforms the control room view so eyes are focussed on the hospital at all times.


    Adrian Byrne, Director of Informatics, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

    Nilesh Patel, Technical Solutions Manager, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

    It’s just a Whiteboard, or is it-20171208 1159-1 from Katerina Loucka on Vimeo.

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