•  5 July 2019
     12:30 - 13:30

Lincolnshire is the fourth largest county in England, over half of its population live in rural locations and, with one in ten residents over the age of 70, it has a disproportionately large elderly population. In 2013 Lincolnshire’s healthcare partner organisations undertook a major review aimed at transforming its health and social care services. Its goal was also to move healthcare out of hospitals, to situate it closer to patients’ homes wherever possible.

Lincolnshire embarked on a transformation programme called Care Portal to bring together the myriad of existing systems into a unified patient record.

The first phase of the Care Portal went live in April 2017, sharing laboratory results, radiology results and appointments, referrals and encounters from the acute trust, and the GP Summary Care Record, with other care organisations in a single web-based unified care record. Since then, this has been expanded to include outpatient letters and discharge documents and child protection information.  Work is currently underway to include information from adult social care, the maternity service and connect to health organisations outside of Lincolnshire, such as Peterborough and Grimsby where Lincolnshire patients may be treated.

The next phase is about empowering patients directly. The Care Portal democratises data, sharing it across systems – but its impact won’t end at the hospital or practice door. A patient portal has just gone live with maternity services, enabling patients to self-refer. This will be further developed to enable patients to contact health and care professionals and view and contribute to their own records. An electronic care planning module and analytics module will also be rolled out during 2019-20.

During the webinar Liz and David will expand on:

  • What the Care Portal is and how it works
  • The benefits already being felt by clinicians and patients
  • And the next steps on their transformation journey.


Liz Jones, Digital Project Manager – Lincolnshire STP

David Smith, Digital Programme Lead – Lincolnshire STP




Lincolnshire Care Portal-20190705 1109-1 from Katerina Loucka on Vimeo.