ISoft is creating a development team to advance the capabilities of its pathology systems. It is also planning to release a series of new functions for its i.Laboratory and i.Laboratory TP range.

The new modules will include GP test results requesting and reporting, business intelligence, digital solutions for lab-lab connectivity, configurable dashboards and a dedicated laboratory interface manager.

The modules will be demonstrated at a user group forum at the International Convention Centre in Birmingham on 10-11 June 2010, where users will be able to provide feedback to inform future developments.

Adrian Stevens, managing director of iSoft’s UK and Ireland business said: “Our approach means that users can take immediate advantage of powerful new functionality that will begin their journey on to a technology platform designed for the next phase of the evolution of laboratory services in the UK and globally.”

According to the company, around 150 trusts across the NHS and Ireland already use laboratory solutions from iSoft.

The new developments will give current users new functionality to meet customer needs without exposing themselves to the high costs, disruption and risks of procurement.

Stevens added: “This means that even as our customers implement discrete functionality to improve business performance in one area or discipline, they will be building the organisation-wide capability to help deliver a laboratory service of the future.

“The new offerings will help manage information and reduce the time to turnaround test results and will improve the quality of care and cut costs, which is vital in the current economic climate.”

The team will be the first iSoft development team based in the UK for some years. The majority of its development staff are currently based in Chennai, India. It will be made up from a combination of refocusing of iSoft’s existing laboratory resources and external recruitment.

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