•  8 June 2022
     12:30 - 13:30

As part of the NHS elective recovery plan, more and more NHS trusts have been turning to technology to help modernise and improve patient flow across hospitals and into the community. Adopting a modern solution to manage patient flow can be a daunting task leaving many clinical teams to ask:
– What is this delivering for patient care?
– How is it supporting timely discharge?
– How does flow technology work in acute and community settings or across an Integrated Care System?
– How is patient flow being transformed from purely nursing to a multi-disciplinary team responsibility?

Presented by Alcidion, this webinar will provide perspectives  on the tangible impact NHS trusts are making with flow technology. It will explore how healthcare organisations are able to move patients forward in their care efficiently, how clinical teams quickly see and act on what they need to do for patients, how hospitals are tackling national priorities (like the elective backlog) and what integrated care systems gain from using flow technologies.

Key takeaways:

  • Hear from NHS experts on the tangible difference patient flow technology is making
  • Learn how burdens faced by ward staff are being removed, and the difference instant visibility of bed and patient status is making
  • Discover how patient flow can be the first step to a modern modular EPR
  • Appreciate that adoption of flow is applicable to all areas of the hospital
  • Find out how flow could be the primary interface for other trust systems
  • Understand how flow can enable command and control of resources and beds across an ICS
  • Who should watch: CIOs, CMIOs, COOs, CCIOs, CNIOs, nurses, bed managers, and any clinical staff interested in the efficient flow of patients.

Carolyn Manuel-BarkinCarolyn Manuel-Barkin
Ethical Healthcare





Katy CainKaty Cain
Head of Solution & Clinical Consulting
Alcidion UK




Phillipa Wakefield
Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust

Paul DeffleyPaul Deffley
Chief Medical Officer
Alcidion UK







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