• 9 September 2020
    13:00 - 14:00

Four years of progress in four weeks at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust. How people accessed care and how care was delivered changed in front of our very eyes. Virtual visits from 4% to 60% in mere weeks – a previously unthinkable feat. Connected care records were adopted over days to enhance decision-making. Joined up medical assessment forms drove improved care pathways. Patient access to care improved overnight, as did clinical access to data, also. Digital became the “critical underpinning of care and operational delivery” and not merely an enabler. In this session, Adam Thomas, CIO at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, explores the reasons behind this dramatic paradigm shift.

Key points:
1. Funding route clear, bureaucracy removed
2. Leadership focussed on common goal with good governance streamlined
3. Clinical workforce pulling for technology
4. Patients and people pulling for alternative ways to access healthcare
5. Workforce remote / onsite needing to work with collaborative tools, rather than work in a transactional manner
6. Supplier partnership


Adam Thomas
CIO, Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust


Jon Hoeksma
Editor-in-chief, Digital Health