•  7 May 2021
     12:30 - 13:30

As the pace of innovation increases in healthcare organisations, so does the growth of connected devices. Unfortunately, these devices are not always designed – or implemented – with security in mind. These devices range, from medical devices to HVAC and elevator control systems; from CCTV cameras to door entry systems – but all play a role in patient care.

Adrian Byrne, CIO – University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust
Bob Vickers, Head of Ordr UK&I

They will discuss:
– How to achieve real-time asset visibility of all connected devices.
– How to identify and respond to vulnerabilities and risks in connected medical and IoT devices.
– How to make informed investment decision from data about medical device utilisation.
– How to bring security, networking, and clinical engineering teams together to build an effective device security programme.

Hannah Crouch; Editor – digital health