• 3 February 2021
    14:00 - 15:30

What Good Looks Like (WGLL) is an NHSX led programme that aims to empower frontline leaders, so a CEO can see whether their organisation is doing everything it can to create a common vision for good digital practice across health and care.

The WGLL programme will also aim to create a model for digital maturity that will allow the NHS to assess providers and systems, generate national insights on respective systems journeys, understand and be able to customise the right support offer for local systems and create a vibrant community for sharing good practice.

It is hoped that as a result, the programme will help accelerate digital transformation across health and care.

Join this webinar to find out more from Sonia Patel, NHSX CIO, who will outline the ambitions of the WGLL programme and what progress has been made so far.

CIOs, CCIOs and CNIOs are also being invited to help shape the design and delivery of the WGLL programme.

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