NHS Connecting for Health, the agency responsible for England’s IT modernisation programme, is sponsoring the Best Practice Showcase at E-Health-Insider’s Healthcare Interoperability conference and exhibition this autumn.

The showcase will give IM&T professionals working in healthcare organisations the opportunity to describe and demonstrate good work they are doing to achieve interoperability between systems.

One of the aims will be to bring together examples of best practice from a broad range of sources including the NHS; the independent sector; acute, community, primary and mental health care; ambulance and out-of-hours services and the interface between health and social care.

Ken Lunn, director of NHS data standards and products stressed the importance of integrating standards. “Our goal is to achieve connected healthcare through the use of common standards which will allow all healthcare systems to communicate and understand one another,” he said.

“Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to ensure the care they provide is safe, effective, state of the art – and interoperable.”

Healthcare Interoperability is a one-day conference with a lively exhibition attached that will be held in Birmingham on 30 October. The Best Practice Showcase will describe and demonstrate work that is going on, to provoke professional debate and inspire action.

E-Health Insider editor, Jon Hoeksma, said: “Thanks are due to NHS CFH for sponsoring this new venture. We hope the showcase will add a lively extra dimension to the exhibition. The aim is to include presentations from a wide variety of settings – organisations don’t have to be large or famous to qualify.”

Full details of the Best Practice Showcase and instructions for sending a proposal to demonstrate your work can be found here.

If you want to join the Best Practice Showcase audience, attendance is free. Just register as a visitor for the Healthcare Interoperability exhibition.