Thanks to all those who entered EHI’s quiz of 2009. The results are in and a winner will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, you can see how you fared below with the full set of correct answers.

A Alphabet Soup:
The NHS and its IT are full of acronyms; and there were some lovely new ones invented in 2009. What do the following stand for?

  • 1.SCR

    Summary Care Record

  • 2.ECS

    Emergency Care Summary

  • 3.DPA

    Data Protection Act

  • 4.ICO

    Information Commissioner’s Office

  • 5. ASCC

    Additional Supply Capability and Capacity

  • 6.CCN3

    Change Control Notice three

  • 7. QIPP

    Quality, Innovation, Productivity and Prevention

  • 8.PROMS

    Patient Reported Outcome Measures

9. Picture question: The following hospital trusts featured prominently in EHI’s news coverage. But which is the odd one out for sticking with the National Programme for IT in the NHS?

A: Kingston Hospital NHS Trust
B: Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
C: Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
D: The Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

A: Kingston Hospital NHS Trust

B They have their entrances…
To what did we send warm greetings in 2009?

  • 10. A long-awaited innovation that debuted in Bury

    Lorenzo Regional Care Release 1.9

  • 11. An online service that helped the NHS to cope with the most talked about virus of the year

    The National Pandemic Flu Service

  • 12. A new system taking a GP supplier with 1,000 practices into acute care

    TPP SystmOne Acute Hospital

And their exits… And so farewell to:

  • 13. A former NHS manager who worked wonders for the RSPB but gave Andy Burnham the bird in a row over data

    Baroness Young, chair of the Care Quality Commission

  • 14. A Bolton Wanderers fan who was Richard Granger’s right hand man

    Gordon Hextall from NHS Connecting for Health

  • 15. The head of NHS Connecting for Health who departed to look at cloud computing in the Cabinet Office

    Martin Bellamy

  • 16. The MP for Exeter who swapped the health informatics brief for something more cultural

    Ben Bradshaw

  • 17. The GOAT who went back to the fold of surgical research and practice

    Lord Darzi of Denham

18. Picture question: Health ministers come and health ministers go. All of the following passed under the portals of Richmond House during 2009. But who was the odd one out because he arrived when all the others left?

A: Alan Johnson | B: Ben Bradshaw | C: Lord Ara Darzi | D: Mike O’Brien

D: Mike O’Brien

C The year in numbers:
Match these numbers to the items below:

4.2 | 111 | 400 | £600m | $1.2bn | 500,000 | 9% | £130m

  • 19. Latest version of Choose and Book


  • 20. The new national non-emergency healthcare number


  • 21. Milestone number of EHI newsletters celebrated in October


  • 22. Pounds to be cut from the National Programme for IT in the NHS


  • 23. Dollars allocated for EPRs in the USA


  • 24. Number of NHSmail users hoped for in 2011


  • 25. Percentage of prescriptions containing errors


  • 26. Cash for telecare and home help found in the Queen’s Speech


27. Picture question: All of the following sheep baa one were featured in a prominent advertising campaign on E-Health Insider Primary Care. Which one wasn’t?


DThe year in quotations:
Match the people to the quotations about the National Programme for IT in the NHS and its future – or otherwise

Conservative Party leader David Cameron
DH CIO Christine Connelly
Health secretary Andy Burnham
Chancellor Alistair Darling
Conservative health spokesman Stephen O’Brien

  • 28: "The NHS has quite an expensive IT system that, frankly, is not essential for the front line. That’s something we do not need to go ahead with just now."

    Chancellor Alistair Darling

  • 29. "Let me be absolutely clear: we have no intention whatsoever of cancelling the programme overall."

    Health secretary Andy Burnham

  • 30. "You don’t need a massive central computer to do this. People can store their health records securely online; they can show them to whichever doctor they want."

    Conservative Party leader David Cameron

  • 31. "Labour has spent billions on IT that simply isn’t working."

    Stephen O’Brien

  • 32. "The Public Accounts Committee said you should give suppliers a set amount of time to deliver. That’s what we are doing."

    DH CIO Christine Connelly

As the credit crunch turned into the financial crisis, organisations lined up to warn the NHS that there were "unprecedented" times ahead. But who delivered these "unprecedented" quotes?

  • 33. "The scale of what is about to hit the health care system is unprecedented."
  • The leader of the organisation that described future funding scenarios for the health service as ‘tepid’, ‘cold’ and ‘arctic’

    Niall Dickson of the King’s Fund

  • 34. "We should plan on the assumption that we will need to make unprecedented efficiency savings between 2011 and 2014 – between £15 billion and £20 billion across the service over three years."
  • A top figure at the Department of Health who saw his warning turned into a target by Chancellor Alistair Darling

    David Nicholson, chief executive of the NHS

  • 35. "2011 and beyond: unprecedentedly difficult."
  • A manager’s organisation that went on to warn its members against a "slash and burn" approach to finding savings

    The NHS Confederation