•  3 April 2020
     12:30 - 13:30

More than four-fifths of Digital Health News readers said they believe the outbreak of Covid-19 will speed up the adoption of digital tools across the NHS. Digital Health’s new Digital Responses to Covid-19 Webinar series aims to help support this acceleration.

Digital Health weekly webinar series are dedicated to sharing ideas and approaches on using digital tools to help respond to the unprecedented public health emergency posed by Coronavirus.

Digital tools, platforms and services offer a variety of ways for UK health services to help manage the unique challenges of the Covid-19 public health emergency, ranging from mobilising entire workforces, triaging patients, providing advice and guidance through to shifting from in-person to video consultations.

The new webinars will connect NHS leaders and suppliers and provide an opportunity for exchange of ideas.

The next of the Webinar series will put Microsoft in the hot seat, detailing how they are working with NHS organisations to enable them to very rapidly mobile-enable their staff.

Chair: Jon Hoeksma, Digital Health

Chris Parsons – strategic solutions director Office365 NHS Digital

John McGhie – service lead NHSD

James Hornby – technical specialist. Office365, Microsoft

Clive Star – technical architect NHSD

Kate Jefferyes – client director NHS, Microsoft

Chris Hawes – Lead solution delivery architect, Accenture


Please find the slides below.

Microsoft Teams NHS Questions

DH Webinar Teams COVID-19-final