Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has selected McKesson Shared Services to support its HR and Payroll functions.

Using McKesson Shared Services will mean they have first-line support for all administration tasks associated with the day-to-day functions of HR and Payroll using the NHS Electronic Staff Record (ESR), which McKesson provides under a national Department of Health contract.

Gerri Macdonald, HR and payroll lead at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: “As a trust we are very keen to embrace innovation and we wanted a service that can interface with ESR. Using one interface in McKesson we can reduce paper output and improve accuracy across the HR and Payroll function.”

Charmaine McDonald, UK managing director of McKesson, told E-Health Insider: “The inception of McKesson Shared Services has enabled us to unlock the potential of the ESR system by providing a bureau service for all NHS trusts. McKesson Shared Services completes the full managed end-to-end service; whereby we are responsible for the system, all data and outputs.

“This service is a safe solution for our customers and allows us to deliver tangible service and efficiency improvements, which is a key objective in all our offerings. With McKesson Shared Services we aim to provide a centralised approach to managing the consolidation of first level support and administration tasks associated with the day-to-day functions of HR and Payroll.”

McKesson will complete implementation of the ESR in England and Wales early this month and will be liaising with more trusts to use their Shared Services for back office tasks afterwards.

Macdonald added: “Since McKesson’s acquisition of Supporta we feel that we are provided with the best opportunity to experience the full ESR offering from the very company that derived the system.”

The trust will use the Shared Services to help them move towards electronic data capture, with Peterborough due to complete the build of a new hospital in 2010.

“We are installing a new IT infrastructure as part of the new hospital and we are keen to optimise the capability of our existing technology; this has been a key driver for our selection of McKesson Shared Services,” explained Macdonald.

She added: “McKesson Shared Services offers an unrivalled resource base where more people are working as part of our team, allowing greater efficiency and productivity throughout our organisation.”

Steve Abbotts, senior director of McKesson Shared Services, said: “The core implementation of the ESR has been a success and shared services is an area where people will start to look at how they can really get benefits from this new system, which is proving well worth its value.”