Health software firm IBA Health Group has announced that German hospital group, Krankenhaus Buchholz and Winsen, is to implement its iSoft Lorenzo Clinicals product.

The project will be delivered in two phases and culminate in the roll-out of Lorenzo Clinicals. ISoft will also install its new iCS portal, eFA services and electronic patient record (EPR).

The hospital group runs two hospitals at Buchholz and Winsen, south of Hamburg, which together provide 633 beds. The hospital group will become iSoft’s second German reference site, with Aaachen already piloting Lorenzo.

Krankenhaus Buchholz and Winsen has been an iSoft customer since 1994, and already uses a range of current iSoft management and clinical applications, including ClinicCentre, LabCentre and BusinessCentre.

Currently the hospital group uses iCS (iSOFT Collaboration Suite), to provide GPs access to hospital patient records using a standard web-browser.

Peter Herrmann, managing director of iSoft Central Europe, said: ““Our aim is to give users of our radiology, laboratory or hospital information systems the opportunity to migrate incrementally to Lorenzo, and not force them to change suddenly or abandon their existing systems”.

The new applications to be provided are based on Lorenzo technologies and provide a Microsoft .Net technology layer to underpin a service oriented architecture (SOA).